“Coco McAtee, I thank the stars everyday that we had that conversation and I decided to have you come and talk with my Girl Scouts. That is one of the best things I think I ever did for those girls..."

Coco McAtee LSCSW
Family Life Educator | Speaker | Facilitator


Telling the Truth About Bodies



From the youngest child who wonders where babies come from and what makes boys and girls different…

…to the teen struggling with messages from movies and music…

…to parents trying to negotiate the minefield that bringing up responsible kids can sometimes seem to be…

Coco McAtee provides answers, information, and the tools you need to discuss bodies, babies, and boundaries with kids.

“Talking works,” says Coco, but talking about subjects like puberty and sex can be challenging. “I offer encouragement and ways of talking that build confidence in you.”

With humor, compassion, and thorough knowledge, Coco creates safe, supportive environments for kids, parents, and professionals who work with them. Coco offers presentations, seminars, keynote speeches, and classes for parents, childcare professionals, kids, health care professionals, and educators, as well as for children.

The presentations are active and engaging for kids and adults alike.



• 64% of TV shows contain sexual content; the average child watches 25 hours a week.
• The average age of exposure to pornography: 11.
• 8,000 kids each day contract a sexually transmitted disease.
• 900,000 Americans are infected with HIV.
• Condoms will not protect your child’s mind or heart.

Accurate sexual health information helps keep kids safe. Kids need to learn about sexual development in an age-appropriate way, and parents need to be involved in that learning. This can be a painful part of parenting, but intentionally talking and teaching your child about how she/he is created and then develops can be one of the best things you do WITH your child.

Special Events
In the Garden: Reclaiming Sacred Sexuality
Wed, May 15, 7pm – 8pm
Xavier Hall, 5220 Troost Ave
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